Are your GCP bills unpredictable? Do you have clear visibility into the overall health of your GCP projects? Let’s get an objective look and make sure your GCP project(s) are optimized and healthy.

GCP Health Check

Optimize your Spend

GCP Health Check

Your account needs an objective professional review

I’ve been helping organizations adopt cloud technology since 2014. Like most technology, changes happens quickly. And like it or not, sometimes cloud adoption sprawls out of control. Before you know it you’ve got something you’re not quite sure you fully understand. I created the GCP Health Check as a quick and painless way for organizations to understand their environment from a trusted professional. I’m not saying you can’t trust your own people, but sometimes there’s value in having someone from the outside do the work. A fresh set of eyes.

Here’s what I’ll do for you:

You should consider using this service if you…

What are the deliverables?

The main deliverable is a comprehensive, actionable read out of your GCP project presented as a PDF report and an executive summary presentation.

First, I thoroughly inspect your account with the help of an industry recognized diagnostic tool. Then I run an audit following the key points of a well-architected framework (performance, reliability, cost, security and operational health) along with considering your specific usage of GCP services. Each section contains recommended actions, which you and your team can take and implement right away.

Will you review all projects, folders, regions, VPC’s, etc.?

GCP environments vary greatly from one customer to the next. We’ll determine specific focus areas on our initial call. The base service includes review of a single GCP project and the core public cloud resources configured within. For example, GCE, GAE, GCS, VPCs, IAM, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, etc. The findings and recommendations in this assessment are based on provisioned GCP products and services only (basically anything that you’re paying for each month).

This assessment does not involve OS and application layers. For example, the applications running within GCE instances will not be reviewed, but the GCE instances themselves will be reviewed.

Do you provide remediation of issues found?

In the basic package, there’s no actual remediation work happening. I’m giving you a punch list of high value recommendations which you can complete on your own, hire me to fix them, or hire another consultant to help. The goal is to provide you with insight and best practices to optimize your projects.

I’m busy and don’t have much time. What’s my level of involvement?

Here’s what you do (not too much):

How much does the health check cost? How long will it take?

The health check currently costs $2,997. You’ll receive an actionable report described above, personal consultation, and an executive summary presentation. Others have seen ROI within weeks!

Additional GCP projects can be reviewed for $1,497 each, as long as it’s started within 30 days from the completion of the original audit.

You’ll get your audit report within 4-6 weeks after our initial consultation. That’s way faster and more effective than waiting for a large firm to do this for you.

The previous audits have generated great feedback. In fact, some clients have recouped the cost of the audit by implementing my suggestions in just weeks. That’s why I provide a full 100% money-back guarantee on this offering. If you’re not happy with the audit results — I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

I’m interested! How do we get started?

Please send me an email at briefly describing your business and your top GCP problems. If you’re a good fit for the audit, I’ll send you a scheduling link for the initial consultation.