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Session 6 – Don’t Lift and Shift and Stop: Serverless and Refactoring

Cloud Migration Paths

This week is the third part of a three part mini-series called ‘Don’t Lift and Shift and Stop’, talking about how to move your organization to the cloud. In this final episode of this three part series, we discuss the aspirational side of cloud computing: refactoring your system to use the latest and great technology. We’ll take you through the important questions for your team to ask if you want to get the absolute most of your cloud computer services.

Let’s orient with the big picture considering the various different paths to the cloud. Today is all about the orange line (refactoring):

Cloud Migration Paths - Refactoring

Important Questions to Ask When Refactoring

What are some ways that the current automation technologies can help improve your infrastructure?

Automation is one of the best ways to simplify your cloud computing platform. By making a system that automates the messy processes of deployment and code update. Common technology in this field includes:

In what way can you use cloud services to refactor and improve your infrastructure?

Sometimes, the easiest way to improve your infrastructure is to completely move to a managed service that simplifies the process of deployment and maintenance. Both AWS and Azure are offering a robust set of services to make infrastructure easier to maintain. Common technology in this field includes:


That’s it for this three part mini-series. If you missed the others, check them out!

We hope you enjoyed learning about how you can better yourself and your organization through better cloud computing utilization. If you would like us to discuss a topic on The Tech Execs or have a question for us, please send an email to us at We want to hear the tech management problems you are experiencing and give you guidance on how to solve those problem

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